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Dried Flowers South Africa

Dried Flowers South Africa

Dried Flowers South Africa

Are you wanting to buy Dried Flowers South Africa?

Learning how to dry flowers will open up a world of possibilities! Here’s everything you need to know about drying flowers and 10 different ways to use dried flower petals at home or event to start a small business!

If you received a beautiful bouquet, have flowers from a special event, or even a wedding bouquet that you can’t bear to actually toss, you can save your flowers by drying or pressing them. They’ll be flattened, but you’ll be able to enjoy their beautiful colors and your memories for years to come.

One of the best ways to dry flowers – especially a full bouquet – is to gather and tie their stems with a string and then hang them upside down from a stick, clothes hanger, or hook away from direct sunlight. This method keeps the flowers’ original shapes intact and will best preserve their color. The downside? Depending on the weather and temperature, it can take several days for flowers to dry completely.

Here are 2 ways you can dry flowers at home faster.

  1. Drying in the Oven. Preheat your oven to its lowest heat setting and line a cookie sheet with parchment or wax paper. Lay out your flowers and make sure they’re not overlapping each other. Place them in the oven and leave the door cracked so moisture can evaporate. Flowers will typically need eight to twelve hours to dry completely. If you’re going to press them, it’s okay if not all the moisture has baked out. To dry flowers in the microwave, you’ll need silica sand and a microwave safe container in which your blooms will fit (you can always trim flowers to size). In the bowl, completely surround blooms with silica sand, then place a cup of water and the container in the microwave and blast on 30-second intervals. Time to dry flowers completely depends on the flowers, but it usually takes a total of two or three minutes.
  2. Drying in the Boot of Your Car. On a warm, sunny day, the trunk of a car actually makes the perfect place to dry out flowers. Wrap yours in parchment to keep them safely intact and close them in the trunk of your car. They’ll be hot and out of the sunlight. On a hot day, they should be ready by sunset.

If you are wanting to dry a lot of flowers or do it professionally then you many want to buy a Dehydrator. Be sure the flowers aren’t overlapping each other in the dehydrator. Set it to about 55-degrees. You can dehydrate the flowers for a couple of hours and then continue drying by pressing them in a book or with a clothes iron, or you can set the dehydrator to dry the flowers for several hours.

Dried flower petals are the best way to preserve the beauty of the garden well into the cold winter months when our plants hibernate. We always have dried flower petals on hand to use for our beauty recipes, hydrosols, soaps, and other crafts.

To make sure you have enough, each spring/summer stock up on flowers. You want to ensure that you have an entire rainbow at your disposal for the coming months. As different flowers bloom each week, go out in your garden with a basket, collect and snip the flowers until you have more than enough blooms. You may want to experiment and give away handmade gifts, so you can never have too many!

Whether it’s due to space limitations or climate issues, some of us don’t have the capability to grow our own supply of flowers. That doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to enjoy the beauty of dried flowers!

If you don’t have the flowers you are wanting then view our online shop for a variety of dried flowers South Africa which you can use for a bunch of things! Some flowers that are easy and fun to use are easy to find. We supply bulk dried flowers like dried rose petals, dried chamomile flowers, dried lavender blossoms and dried marigold petals to name but a few.

Here are our TOP 10 used for dried flowers.

  1. COOKING. Edible dried flowers are delicious in cakes and other desserts, and many of them make wonderful teas. You might experiment with making your own tea blends, using green and black teas as well as herbs.
  2. CLEANING. Dried flowers are great additions to DIY cleaning products. They partner nicely with citrusy scents and mints, too.
  3. SACHETS. Sew little aromatic sachets to include in dresser drawers and closets. You can even fashion no-sew varieties by tying little muslin or fine mesh bags. One idea is to put dried lavender flowers, dried chamomile flowers and dried red rose petals in a small mesh bag and put it under your pillow for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  4. GIFTING. Sprigs of dried flowers look lovely atop a package, in the midst of a bow. You might also scatter dried petals in your gift card.
  5. CELEBRATIONS. Make dried flowers the focal point of a centerpiece. A large, clear bowl of hibiscus flowers or a basket of lavender flowers will add color to a side table or dinner setting, for example. (Choose aromatic flowers for around the house but less fragrant ones for the dinner table, so they don’t interfere with the aroma of the food.)
  6. POTPOURRI. A collection of colors and textures can be combined to make a potpourri. Make the scent long lasting by including a fixative such as orris root powder, and enhance the scent with essential oils, if you like.
  7. CANDLE MAKING. If you make your own candles, you can easily incorporate dried flowers into your molds. But even if you’re not a candlemaker, you can add dried flowers to the outside of your plain candles. Simply place crushed dried flowers on wax paper. Pour a little melted wax over the flowers, and then roll the candle in the flowers.
  8. PAPERS. Dried flowers can also be incorporated into the process of making your own paper. Or, for handmade cards, simply apply dried flowers to good quality (fairly heavy) cardstock with a little glue and a paintbrush. (Tweezers are helpful for arranging the flowers.) Dried flowers can also be used to decorate scrapbooking pages.
  9. DYES. Some dried flowers make excellent dyes for cloth and for Easter eggs, too. Experiment with hibiscus flowers for a reddish blue/lavender result, and safflower petals for a pale yellow. A mordant (such as alum or cream of tartar) will help give your color staying power.
  10. BATHING AND OTHER BODY CARE. The best herbal baths include dried flowers. Sprinkle them directly in your bathwater, or make an herbal infusion and pour it into your bath. In other body care, infusions of herbal flowers are also the basis of many lotions, toners, facial steams, masks, herbal hair rinses, and sprays.

Do you know someone who loves the process and aesthetic of crafting with dried flowers just as much as we do, if not more, and you know they’re always on the lookout for new ideas and inspirations? Share this post with them so they have a few more creative designs to try out and a online shop to buy bulk dried flowers in South Africa!


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