African Dream Root – Synaptolepis kirkii

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African Dream Root (Synaptolepis kirkii).

Synaptolepis kirkii, or uvumaomhlope, is an African shrub with large white roots. The roots are said to encourage clear visions, trance states and mental clarity in dreams. The root is also said to allow communication with one’s ancestors in the dream state, leading to visionary and prophetic dreams.

Please note this product is the root of Synaptolepis kirkii, and not Silene capensis.

Available in 50g (root powder)or 500g and 1kg whole root pieces.



African Dream Root – Synaptolepis kirkii

African Dream Root is used traditionally to produce clear visions when entering trance and to help diviners gain clarity.  The root is said to help one to communicate with one’s ancestors, to lead to visionary and prophetic dreams, and to aid in divination and in gaining answers to specific questions.

Uvuma-omhlope is one of the so called ‘Ubulawu’ dream herbs. This is the name associated with a series of plants from Southern Africa that are used for visions and vivid dreams. It is believed one can communicate with the ancestral spirits and gain special insights and answers through use of the Ubulawu herbs.

There has not been extensive research into the workings of Uvuma-omhlope, but based on traditional use and user experiences, the effects are very similar to African Dream Root (Silene capensis). Uvuma-omhlope encourages mental clarity and very deep dream states. Some report prophetic visions and profoundly spiritual experiences when using this dream herb.

African Dream Root are quite large and are usually cut in to pure white chunks containing brown fibers.  S. kirkii is often combined with other plants to create root infusions for the purpose of divination. S. kirkii may be purchased whole or ground in to a powder. The easiest way to consume it is by using the powder to make a tea and consuming this tea before bed time.  About 300 mg of the dried root powder is sufficient to elicit lucid dreaming.

Looking at its chemical compositions, Synaptolepis kirkii contains alkaloids such as kirkinine which is a powerful neurotrophic. They help in making sure that nerve tissue survives by helping in its repair and re-growth of the nerve cells.

Uvuma-omhlope is traditionally used by the Zulu and Xhosa as an ingredient of a sacred root infusion. It is taken just before going to sleep, to aid in generating spiritual dreams.

This product contains root powder which can be used to make tea. Threshold dosages vary from person to person, but reportedly as little as 300 – 400 mg is sufficient to provide the sought after effects. You may however need to experience a little to find a dosage that works for you.

Add the powder to hot water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Drink this ‘dream tea’ about an hour before going to sleep. The taste is rather bland, so sugar or another sweetener may be necessary.

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