African Ginger – Isiphepheto – Wild Ginger

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Wild African Ginger – Isiphepheto – (Siphonochilus aethiopicus)

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Wild African Ginger isiphepheto – Wild Ginger

Wild African Ginger isiphepheto has a variety of medicinal and traditional uses to the native South African people.

People in South Africa buy Wild ginger for its many medicinal benefits.

The highly aromatic roots have a variety of medicinal and traditional uses and the native South African people have cultivated this plant for many years. It is used by the Zulu people as a protection against lightning and snakes. The rhizomes and roots are chewed fresh to treat asthma, hysteria, colds, coughs and flu. A preparation of this plant is administered to horses as prevention against horse sickness. Wild ginger is used by the Swati people to treat malaria and is chewed by women during menstruation.

In 2020 a review entailed a critical appraisal of existing literature on the ethnomedicinal uses, biological activities, phytochemicals, research opportunities and prospects for the sustainable use of S. aethiopicus. Another 2021 study established that S. aethiopicus is used to treat a wide variety of ailments such as respiratory problems (including cough, influenza), pain, inflammation and malaria. Extracts of African ginger are used as an ingredient in some commercialized products for nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical purposes.

The cone shaped rhizomes and fleshy roots are dug up and sold on the muthi markets around the country. Micropropagation by tissue culture has brought this species back from the brink of extinction although the wild populations are reportedly almost totally depleted. This plant is currently listed in the Red Data book of South African plants.

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