Cancer bush

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Cancer Bush – (Sutherlandia frutescens)

Available in 100g or 1kg.

WARNING: Sutherlandia may have blood thinning and lowering of blood sugar effects. People who use prescribed blood thinning medication, or diabetic medicine should not take Sutherlandia without consulting a doctor.




Cancer bush

Cancer bush was previously called Sutherlandia frutescens.

It is a medicinal plant, mostly harvested wild, but it is also grown in community gardens and commercially on a small number of farms. The plant has more than 25 recorded names including Kankerbos and Kankerbossie.

Cancer bush leaves have been traditionally used to treat fever, poor appetite, indigestion, gastritis, peptic ulcer, dysentery, cancer, diabetes, colds and flu, cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis, kidney and liver conditions, rheumatism, heart failure, urinary tract infections as well as stress and anxiety.

Since it is effective against both normal diseases and mental issues, sutherlandia has been nicknamed the ginseng of Africa and is classed as an adaptogen, similar to ashwagandha or astragalus. 100% natural anti-aging serum great for masking wrinkles and rejuvenating skin.

Laboratory studies show that Sutherlandia has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects. However in a study of HIV patients, two cases of tuberculosis occurred in the Sutherlandia group, even though they were on preventive therapy for tuberculosis.

Studies suggest that Sutherlandia has antiviral properties. However in a study of HIV patients, those who took Sutherlandia did not experience benefits over placebo, but infection times were longer in a few patients.

It is recommended that all cancer patients get assessed and managed by an appropriately qualified healthcare professional with recognized experience in managing cancer. The patient will need to make an informed decision about the treatment modalities to follow in his / her specific case. A decision should be made on whether or not Sutherlandia and / or other natural approaches to managing cancer should be included, and if so at what stage of the planned treatment regimen.

It is recommended that any cancer management programe should include meticulous attention to optimizing diet in consultation with a professional nutritionist with experience and interest in cancer.

A number of recent published scientific studies on Sutherlandia have shown interesting results, including anti-HIV activity, anti-oxidant activity, anti-inflammatory activity, anti-cancer activity, and also potential drug interaction between Sutherlandia and anti-retroviral drugs. Summaries of the published studies are included. People living with HIV should discuss the potential use of Sutherlandia with their doctor or healthcare professional.

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75g, 1kg, 60 capsules, 50ml 40% Alcohol Tincture