Devils claw

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Devils claw – (Harpagophytum procumbens).

Preparation of a tea infusion:

Pour 300ml of boiling water over 4.5g or 1.5g of finely chopped Devil’s claw root and let it stand for 8 hours at room temperature, then strain and drink in three portions.

Available in milled or powdered form.

Available in 100g or 1kg.


Devils claw

Devils claw owes their name to the peculiar appearance of their hooked fruit. It is one of the few African plants listed in the European pharmacopoeias.

Knowledge of the medicinal applications of devils claw in the west can be traced back to the German colonial soldier and latterly farmer, G.H. Mehnert who learned about the plant from a local traditional healer. Devil’s claw was introduced into Europe for the first time in 1953 by O.H. Volk and was used to treat metabolic diseases in particular. Scientists soon established that it was especially effective for arthritis.  In the 1970s, ‘African rheuma root’ experienced a real boom both in Europe and in Switzerland and demand for the root could not always be met. Since then, this healing plant has become firmly established in the world of phytotherapy.

Devil’s claw has been used in alternative medicine as a possibly effective aid in treating back pain or osteoarthritis pain. Devil’s claw is sometimes given together with an NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and others.

Other uses not proven with research have included rheumatoid arthritis, muscle pain, gout, skin conditions, migraine headaches, high cholesterol, and stomach problems.

In particular, devil’s claw contains iridoid glycosides, a class of compounds which has demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects.

Some but not all studies suggest that iridoid glycosides may also have antioxidant effects. This means the plant may have the ability to ward off cell-damaging effects of unstable molecules called free radicals.

For these reasons, devil’s claw supplements have been studied as a potential remedy for inflammatory-related conditions, such as arthritis and gout. In addition, it has been proposed to reduce pain and may support weight loss.

The root of this plant is often fed to horses with joint problems and muscle tightness, due to the soothing nature of the active components Harpagosides.

You can find devil’s claw supplements in the form of concentrated extracts and capsules, or ground into a fine powder. It’s also used as an ingredient in various herbal teas.

If you are looking for devils claw for sale South Africa we supply it in powdered or milled form.

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