Gentian root

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Gentian root (Gentiana lutea)

Dried gentian root cut is said to help digestion, stimulate the appetite and boost circulation. Kills plasmodia and worms. It’s good for circulatory problems and pancreatitis.

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Gentian Root

Gentian root has a long and esteemed history of traditional use, primarily as a digestive aid and to strengthen the digestive system. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Arab physicians all used Gentian Root as herbal medicine, it was especially indicated for health issues where a weakened digestive system was involved.

Gentian Root is also popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Indian healing system of Ayurveda, where it is commonly used to treat liver disorders, support detoxification, and stimulate the digestive system.

In more recent times, Gentian found fame as the key ingredient in a soft drink called “Moxie”. In its heyday, Moxie outsold Coca-Cola and was touted as the ultimate “nerve food”. Moxie became synonymous with good times and the “vigorous” life that drinking the product was supposed to sustain. It holds a place in history as the world’s first mass-marketed soft drink.

Gentian root has a strong digestive effect. In addition, gentian stimulates bile and relieves the liver. The plant possesses antimicrobial, immunomodulatory, anti-cancerogenic and is therefore administered especially in cases of diseases of the digestive tract, dyspeptic complaints, pancreatic dysfunction, and much more.

The bitter substances in the gentian stimulate the taste buds on the tongue and cause more saliva and gastric acid to be formed. In addition, special cells in the stomach – due to this stimulus – secrete the digestive hormone gastrin. It also increases the release of gastric juice and bile. These mechanisms regulate appetite control and activate digestion.

In addition to the benefits of bitters for digestive health, research shows that gentian ingredients can loosen blocked mucus from the airways. For this reason, root extracts are also used to treat inflammation of the nose, throat, and bronchi, such as sinusitis.

In monastic medicine yellow gentian is mainly used to treat mild cases of fatigue, weight, anemia, and lack of appetite in convalescence, fever, gout, malaria, intestinal parasites, and alcoholism.

Preparation and Recipe for Gentian root Tea
Combine half a teaspoon (1 gram) of dried gentian root with 150 milliliters of boiling water and allow 5 to 10 minutes to steep. To prepare cold: add half a teaspoon of gentian root (1 gram) to 2 glasses of water, allow 8 hours to steep, and drink the extract 30 minutes before meals.

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