Red Clover

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Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)

  • Can be used in teas or herbal infusions.
  • Can be tinctured or used externally and made into salves
  • Can be added raw to many culinary dishes such as salads and soups

Available in 60g, 500g and 1kg options.




Red Clover is primarily nutritive, but also used to support proper lymphatic function (alterative), immune support, healthy skin, and proper endocrine function.

It does contain genistein, daidzein, and biochannin-A among other isoflavones and concentrated standardized remedies made from this plant deliver these chemicals in an isolated state. Since the plant is so nutritionally complex, it is probably best to use it in its unadulterated form as an extract or tea. Supplements high in these types of flavonoids are generally useful as a tonic for menstrual irregularity and menopause.

Some research has found taking 40–80 mg of red clover daily may help reduce severe menopausal hot flashes.


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60g, 500g, 1kg