tCheck2 Infusion Potency Tester

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tCheck2 South Africa Infusion Potency Tester.

If you make oils, tinctures or concentrates at home, you really need to add the tCheck2 to your arsenal! Without a tCheck2, you are just blindly guessing about what you are about to consume….and that’s a recipe for disaster!

This handheld device pairs with your phone so you can test anywhere. Knowing the strength allows you to control the dose to fit your extract wants and needs. Why worry when you can know exactly what you have.

  • Ultra Violet spectrometer
  • Reusable sample tray
  • Test infusions, get results and dose recipes
  • Battery operated
  • Tests butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and alcohol based tinctures
  • Results in CBV
  • Herbal Compound Breakdown available with subscription
  • UL, CE, FCC certified
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Model number tCheck2 – TC2
  • Color of unit may vary depending on availability (White, Blue, Black or Green)

tCheck2 oil infusion tester R4800

tCheck2 complete testing kit R7600



tCheck2 South Africa

The tCheck2 Infusion Potency Tester has finally arrived.

The tCheck 2 device is a portable spectrometer which will tell you the CBV% (cannabinoids by volume) of your oil or alcohol based cannabis infusions. Typically, the only way for you to determine your potency in South Africa is sending samples of your medicine to a laboratory for analysis. Without access to a lab, you were pretty much stuck using the crude mathematical method to estimate your potency until now! Thanks to modern technology, you now can perform an exact measurement of the cannabinoids of your infusion (or your flower or concentrates for that matter) in the comfort of your own home with a simple inexpensive device called the tCheck2!

In 3 easy steps, the tCheck Infusion Potency Tester (tCheck 2) gives you the ability to test your infusions. Using just a few drops of coconut oil, butter, olive oil or alcohol, you can accurately measure the strength of you infusion in less than 60 seconds. Save your desired dose and take comfort knowing your edibles are consistent.

Strains with a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio will not work until we send out the latest update. Most strains are either predominantly CBD or THC. For example, 2-3% CBD and 18% THC, the device will give the THC reading because it is the dominant cannabinoid. CBN or CBG are naturally pretty low and aren’t being tested for. 
An update is planned that will inform decarb completion, so will get both THCa and THC results. 
Reach out to tCheck support to look up device, which will give specific information for tests if help is required.
Check out tCheck’s informative Youtube channel HERE
If you are wanting to test your cannabis flower you will need to add on the cannabis flower expansion unit simply buy the complete tcheck South Africa dagga testing unit at once.

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tcheck 2 oil/butter/infusion tester, tcheck 2 complete kit, tests flowers too.