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Wormwood, Sweet Annie (Artemisia annua)

Available in 75g and 1kg variations.


Wormwood – Artemisia Annua

Wormwood Artemisia Annua is an herb traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat fever, inflammation, and malaria. A compound from artemisia is used in combination with other drugs to treat malaria.

As the world desperately searches for weapons to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of people across South Africa are turning to a herb called Artemisia annua. Also known as sweet wormwood or sweet annie, this herb supplies a key ingredient, artemisinin, for so-called artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs), which the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends as first-line treatments against malaria.

One of the most high-profile advocates for using the herbal remedy against the novel coronavirus is Madagascar president Andry Rajoelina, who has been touting Covid-Organics, a tonic containing Wormwood Artemisia Annua that the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research developed. In May 2020, he claimed that more than 20 other African countries had ordered supplies of the elixir.

  • To treat malaria
    A compound from artemisia is used in combination with other drugs to treat malaria. Patients need to be treated by a healthcare provider for this condition, and should not self-treat with artemisia for malaria.
  • To reduce inflammation
    Preliminary studies suggest that artemisia may be helpful for hip or knee osteoarthritis, but more study is needed.
  • To treat cancer
    Only a few safety studies in advanced cancer patients have been conducted, and have not shown a treatment response. In addition, patients need to be monitored for potential side effects. More studies are needed to determine the conditions under which compounds derived from artemisia may be safe and effective.

It is now grown commercially in many African countries. Also known as Sweet wormwood, A. annua yields artemisinin and the derivatives of this compound are potent antimalarial drugs. Artemisinin is an endoperoxide sesquiterpene lactone that is effective against multidrug-resistant malaria and is also known to act on P. falciparum, the Plasmodium species that causes cerebral malaria. The clinical efficacy of this drug and its derivatives is demonstrated by an immediate and rapid reduction of parasitemia following treatment

Buy Wormwood Artemisia Annua in South Africa to use for colds and flu and possibly even as a preventative against covid as did people in Malaysia in 2020.

To make the Wormwood Artemisia Annua tea, use 1 teaspoon (1.5 grams) of the dried herb per cup (240 ml) of boiled water, steeping for 5 minutes. Drink 3 times a day.


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